In 2005 at just over 70, she planned to take her debut Africa safari mainly to fulfil “that once in a lifetime dream-trip to the wonderful continent” as age was also catching up on her; of course she choose Kenya and Tanzania. What she thought she knew, she said to herself, “if I don’t go this year I will never be able to go”; what she did not know was that she would come again every year after that, at times several times in a year with her clients – as “unfortunately” she got addicted to this amazing segment of Africa and it’s friendly people. In September she is sending 4 clients and when I assured her that she didn’t have to escort them as she is currently on special assignment, she said “that is….


And if above is not enough reason #WHYILOVEKENYA, watch


COMFORT GARDENS is a guest house located 8 kilometers from the hustle and bustle of Nairobi city in the Gigiri suburb whose majority residents are mainly the affluent community of Kenya residents. This area is also home to UNON headquarters in Africa as well as many foreign Embassies; and now home to Comfort Gardens. 

Comfort Gardens is a most ideal hotel for that business traveler who is involved in particularly UN matters; the US Embassy is also in this location and is one of the largest in Africa as well as the Belgium Embassy. Comfort Gardens is also a convenient stay for safari vacation makers planned to start their safari in the central Kenya and northern segments. 

&Beyond Kichwa Tembo Camp has completed a fabulous refurb; visit