Botswana is often considered the ultimate safari destination in Africa. The hunting animals are excellent, there is only a small number of camps and cabins and the landscape is unrivaled. Botswana has always been very careful with the development of camps and for that reason there is only a small number of guest accommodations in the country. All camps are unique, both in terms of character and location – some are built in trees and others are on stilts over drowned land. None of the encampments is surrounded by fences; you should not be surprised if you suddenly see an elephant outside your tent. Botswana has the name to be expensive and the most luxurious cabins are not cheap. But you will get your money – a beautiful camp in a pristine environment. If you do not have the budget for the camps at the top of the market, we know many other ways to explore the country. Safaris by mobile camping are an excellent option, as some of the lesser known camps are located in the national parks.

We know all the camps from our own experience and can draw up a tailor-made itinerary that fits both your interest and your budget.

Botswana is known as one of the last untouched and untouched places in Africa. It is a land of timeless beauty and you will find wildlife everywhere. For that reason alone, it is an unmissable destination on your trip through Africa. What makes Botswana different from other African countries is that it does not have mass tourism. Most safari areas in Botswana operate with large private concessions that are measured in miles, not in hectares. In many cases the capacity is limited to 20 people or less and then it quickly feels like “we had the whole place to ourselves!”


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