Best Time To Travel To Kenya For A Wildlife Safari, Beach Holiday And Trekking Expedition

Safari plans to Kenya, and Tanzania and trekking expeditions to Uganda or Rwanda should be made in consideration with the different seasons that come with the changing equatorial weather conditions during the year. Travelers interested in witnessing the life-grabbing great wildebeest river-crossing when the migrating herds cross the Mara River from the Serengeti to Masai Mara rolling savannah grasslands for fresh pastures should consider planning their safari during the months of August, and September when the river-crossing-action is at its peak before it gradually slows down in October each year. For the adventurous; conquering Kilimanjaro is highly rewarding and gratifying. Tracking the special Mountain Gorillas in Uganda or Rwanda, the lesser rainy seasons of September – October and January – February are the guaranteed best periods for navigating through the mountain forest and sighting a gorilla family.

A pre-Safari Nairobi Day Tour to the one of a kind Sheldrick Wildlife Trust (a rescue centre for young orphan elephants and giraffes), followed by a visit to the Giraffe Centre – a breeding centre for the endangered Rothschild Giraffe species. A nearby visit of the former home of Karen Blixen who authored the bestselling book ‘Out of Africa’ which was later produced in film and became an Oscar Award Winning movie.

Safari-goers get more rewarding wildlife-watching experiences on game drives in the dry seasons of January to March and again in July to end of October before the start of the short rainy season from November to early December. The ultimate highlight experience on most Kenya and Tanzania safaris is watching the Great Annual Wildebeest Migration which moves around the Serengeti-Mara ecosystem. January to June the action is vastly around the southern Serengeti plains (calving season) whereas from July to October the movement is in Masai Mara (river crossing). Specialist photographers, and birdwatchers and keen researchers highly prefer to travel to Tanzania and Kenya during the January to March period when the conditions are most ideal for iconic photography, and spotting flora and fauna distinctively.

Climbing Mount Kilimanjaro is most ideal before the start of a wildlife safari during the drier season in September – October and January – February. The steeper Mount Kenya is best taken on climbing expeditions from August – October and in February. Walking Safaris and horse riding safaris through Kenya’s plains are best enjoyed during the period of July to October and in January – February. Tanzania’s West Kilimanjaro region is superb for acclimatization with cultural activities and treks on the lowland areas of Mount Kilimanjaro, Tanzania.

Gorilla tracking expeditions to Uganda and Rwanda are best taken after a classic wildlife safari through Kenya and/or Tanzania. Nairobi City’s Airports (NBO & WIL) have regular daily flights to Uganda and Rwanda therefore making the trip extension to Entebbe or Kigali City within an easy hour of flight time. In Rwanda, it is possible to drive to Ruhengeri community which is the ideal place for an overnight before the start of the next day gorilla tracking expedition on the nearby Volcanoes National Park, however, the gorilla tracking tickets are limited and therefore having the flexibility for a slightly longer stay in Uganda is advisable. Tanzania’s western region is best for Chimpanzee trekking expeditions on the Udzungwa Mountains after a scenic boat transfer from Kigoma Town.

A relaxing beach holiday on the Indian Ocean Coastline and Zanzibar Island are best enjoyed after the safari, and/or trekking adventures as trip extensions to Diani Beach or Zanzibar’s northern beach shoreline. Diani beach area along the Indian Ocean is best enjoyed after a safari to Kenya’s wildlife attractions whereas Zanzibar Island is best enjoyed after a classic safari through Tanzania’s national parks. The coastal areas are at their best from December to March for sunny days and although July to August are slightly cooler, they are no-less magical to enjoy snorkeling, sunbathing, dhow trips and inland activities and cultural tours.

Travellers on a special mission can plan for their trip to East Africa at pretty much any time of the year. In the past our team has been involved in arranging and operating missionary trips to remote clinics for voluntary missions by doctors to Western Kenya. Also, we have conducted the Friends of the Elephant trips which follows the rescued elephant with visits to Nairobi’s, Sheldrick Wildlife Trust Centre, and the Ithumba Centre within the Tsavo East National Park where the fostered orphan elephants are transported to and gradually introduced to the wild. In addition, we regularly coordinate the logistics for water drilling projects in the rural villages which have limited access to reliable clean drinking water.


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